Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Look

What is it guys said when they went to the barbershop...just a little off the top and sides?  (Obviously, before the Presley pompadour, man buns or the Trump-do.)  At any rate, Helper Dude came early yesterday morning and gave Farview a trim and a new look.  All the rain and occasional sunshine have caused the weeds to spring up with vim and vigor.  That particularly nasty plant with the lacy leaves, tiny white flowers and those dratted dagger seeds was rampant on the hill.  HD went to work with his weed whacker and cleaned off the slope behind the chicken pen, around and under the deck, and any number of areas where I can't take John Dear.  As much as I dislike that weed, whatever it is, I have to say it gives a delicious fragrance when cut down.  It may take another go-round or two, but I'm determined to keep it from reseeding this year.  Filaree with its auger-like seeds and burr clover are annual pests, but nothing gets in Bessie's fur, my socks, the sheets, blankets, laundry, carpet, and furniture like those gawdawful spears.  Helper Dude probably looks at the weeds as job security.  At any rate, the place looks pretty neat and tidy.  I have a couple more yards to mow if and when we get a stretch of good weather before the beauty treatment is complete.  (Feel free to remind me of this when I whine about having to mow again.)

Yesterday was another grey, drizzly day.  Not real rain that might do some good, just enough mist to make the critters and me miserable. 


Emmy Abrahams said...

Look at weather's going to be great for a while.
Time to plant more, weed more, enjoy more.

Kathryn Williams said...

Oh man, you are DUE for a stretch of nice weather. But I'm glad HD was able to create some tidiness.