Monday, April 10, 2017

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Ahhh, at last!  A good dose of sunshine was just what I needed yesterday, and a few pink tulips didn't hurt, either.  Even being NASCAR Sunday didn't stop Bess and me from a few walkabouts to soak in some rays.  I just love the pause and playback features on TV now for just such occasions.  I was so pleased to count ten peony plants in the front garden.  Because they die back completely, I can't remember how many there were to begin with or where they were planted, so it's like a treasure hunt when they emerge.  The lilacs in front of the kitchen window are in bloom.  The poor things were weighed down with snow the day before, but up and waving yesterday.

There was no dawdling down in the goat barn.  The girls couldn't wait to get outside.  Another large helping of oak leaves put dessert on their breakfast table.  It's one way to get some use from all that mess, and I've got to pick it up anyhow.

It seems that Snake has become a permanent resident in the milking room.  He was back in his corner again in the morning.  It does not please me that there is mouse on his menu, and I'm leery about stepping on him should he come out into the room, but I'm not about to reach into that dark nook and try to relocate him.

The local Kids are coming up for Easter, all but Clay who has to work, so a shopping trip is on today's agenda.  I can't even whine about that; it's a much nicer drive in good weather.  (Since it's still dark, I'm hoping for good weather.)

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