Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bees, Burgers And A Boy

The Spanish lavender is in full bloom and absolutely buzzing with bumblebees.  We hear so much about the decline in bee colonies that it makes me happy to see all the busy little creatures here.  I get more bumblers than honeybees, but perhaps that is because I don't have so many flowering plants.  The Spanish lavender doesn't have the intense scent as its French cousin, but I get a kick out of the perky little topknots.  Lavender is one of the few plants (rosemary is another) that the deer do not eat.  They also avoid santolina, and I have both the grey and green varieties.  It was pure luck that I have anything that is deer resistant because I had no clue when the plants were purchased.

There are clothes in my closet that I've not worn in years.  Just how long it's been was apparent yesterday when I was dressing to meet Pete and pulled out a shirt/blouse that I thought was appropriate and found that it had shoulder pads.  Shoulder pads have not been in vogue since I can't remember when.  Oh well, it was better than bibbies so I went off looking like Joan Crawford, Joan Collins or a quarterback.

Pete and I met at Bones within minute of each other, perfect timing.  We've had so little contact over the years that it's like becoming reacquainted with this Kid of mine.  Bones has great hamburgers and even better onion rings, and we chowed down on both and talked and talked and talked.  It was fun to discover that we share opinions in many areas.  It made for a lively discussion.  There is a "Help Wanted" column on my refrigerator note board where I post chores that I cannot do by myself and would appreciate the Kids' help.  Pete said he'd be up on Sunday to check the board and do what he could.  Won't that be nice?

With just the three girls, bedtime has become chaos in the barn.  Tessie has never had a room of her own and is desperate to go in the back stalls with Inga and Sheila.  One of the plastic roof panels is broken or I'd put Tess in Cindy's old room so they could all be close.  As it is, Tessie has to go into the big room she'd shared with Esther, putting her across the hall where she can't even see the others.  She doesn't like it.

It was a better-than-good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Aw poor Tessie...but yay for your day with Pete...and another on its way!