Sunday, April 23, 2017


You get a pretty good idea that you are not living in the city when your neighbor calls in the early morning and asks, "Are you missing a leg?"  I glanced down, "Um, no."  "What color were Esther's legs?  My dogs found one in our yard and I wonder if it could be one of hers."  Ahh, it became clear to me then.  The cleanup committee has been hard at work, vultures on the day shift and very vocal coyotes on nights.  It normally takes four days and all traces are gone.  It was pretty rude of the night crew to leave their leftovers on someone else's property, though.  Cam said, "Oh, don't apologize.  My dogs couldn't be happier."  What can I say?  We aim to please.

These pollen-loaded catkins give the live oak such a lovely lacy look and drive everyone with allergies absolutely nutters.  They blow off the tree and coat the deck, the porch, the truck.  There is a seemingly endless supply of the darned things.  I won't miss them when they're gone.

I find that my enthusiasms rise and fall with the thermometer.  Yesterday was a "downer" as the wind blew and there was a heavy cloud cover.  Again.  Sunset was the one bright spot in the whole day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Somehow I got behind on the blog. I TOTALLY understand how the weather can influence one's mood. I fear I would not do well in Alaska, as I am a "Sunshine Girl." It can be cold...just so long as it's sunny. I sure missed blue skies when I lived in Ohio. Gorgeous sunset pic.