Friday, April 7, 2017


Bessie Anne picked a good day for a little rest and relaxation.  She got a pain pill along with her morning treats and was able to hobble out the door with me at feeding time.  She didn't go far from the porch, however, and I didn't waste any time in the barn because another storm was brewing and the wind was starting to kick.  (No sign of Snake yesterday.)

Gimpy lay on her big pillow bed with the comfy blanket, stretched out like Cleopatra for most of the day.  She usually makes the circuit, going from couch to love seat, to her recliner and to her bed.  Yesterday she just stayed put, only making a couple of quick potty runs outdoors.  Her day off seemed to have done the trick as by bedtime Bess was moving almost like her old self again.

The weatherman had said this storm was going to be a doozy and he was right.  That dadratted wind howled all day and all night and the rain beat down.  Today is predicted to be even worse.  Oh goody.  Ah well, another day off will be good for Bess Anne.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Is there NO END to your crazy rainy weather? Oh well I guess THIS month is ok...April Showers and all that!