Friday, April 21, 2017

The Cracked Egg

In front of the barn door was half a robin's egg shell, a lovely blue speckled with brown.  I was going to bring it back to the house, but it was so fragile it didn't make the trip.  I may be a bit cracked myself, at least in the minds of Beau and Helper Dude.  I have a huge, repeat huge, burn pile that both guys offered to come burn for me.  There is always the possibility of fire spreading and burning alone is something I will not do.  I definitely wanted to take one or the other up on their offer, but asked that they do it before the birds started nesting in the brush pile.  I cannot bear the thought of roasting baby birds.  (Guys are more pragmatic than emotional.)  Time went on and the fellows had chores of their own, I'm sure.  Obviously, having found an eggshell, it's too late to set fire to the brush pile now.

As I've said before, my daughter could out-Martha Martha Stewart in her attention to detail.  I was told to "look for the gold egg" when presented with the Easter gift.  I didn't realize there was a difference in gold eggs.  The smaller eggs were filled with jellybeans (including licorice!) and I was a happy gal.  In semi-frustration, Deb finally put the larger gold egg in my hand.  When cracked, it not only held candy but two one-dollar bills, the required amount for a poker buy-in!  It was the Willy Wonka gold prize.  Sadly, there wasn't time for cards last Sunday, but I'm staked for our next game.  Those carrots, by the way, are filled with bubble solution and a little wand.  Ralph is mesmerized by floating bubbles and I enjoy watching him watch them.

Not just eggs are cracked around here, the squirrels are pretty nutty, too.  Mama had either sent Papa out for supplies or she decided to gather material for redecorating the nursery herself.  Peeled bark from cedar firewood was evidently on the shopping list and I'm left with the litter.

I'm glad I hadn't yet picked up branches from the yards as, although sunny, it was really windy yesterday and I would have had to do it all over again.  I'm not into that.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Fun Easter goodies...bark litter, not s'much. Hope you have fun today with Pete!