Sunday, April 2, 2017

That Was Then

Once upon a time I was a semi-organized person.  I worked two jobs for ten years, sometimes putting in eighteen-hour days, and then I worked full time at home and that was no nine-to-five job, either.  I had file cabinets with real files with labels and everything.  No, really.  I fit in a lot of company and did a lot of cooking.  I did housework on an almost-regular basis.  All this was before I made procrastination a way of life.  Even when I know this non-habit will bite me in the backside, I continue to put off that which must be done.  Give me a deadline and I will wait until the last possible moment to spring into action, and I don't spring as well as I used to anymore and sometimes fall flat on my face.

Another day spent at the computer.  Aarrgh.  I longed to go out and give John Dear some exercise, but the best I could manage was a couple of walkabouts and a brief respite on the deck.  My farmer's tan is creeping up my arms as I push long sleeves up higher a little more each day.  In addition to the salad thief, the warm weather has brought out the wasps.  It won't be long until I go out on the deck armed with spray can in hand, looking for their nests.  I did a pretty good job last year keeping them in check this way.  Wasps and hornets are a yearly plague up here, and not one I look forward to, no more than when the mosquitoes arrive.

Back in the house and back at the computer, I berated myself once again and promised to turn over a new leaf.  I will stay on top of any upcoming event and be prepared in advance.  I even thought about dusting.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Sounds like my day.
After power outage , router refused to work....
Finally at five they brought me a new one as the other was prehistoric.
Good talk with repair man about gardening...he has already planted corn...
And after an hour,he left, promising to bring me organic apples for applesauce, as he said he never met anyone who made her own, since his grandmother.

Kathryn Williams said...

After your productive past, that HAD to be productive...I think you have earned some procrastination time. Ya, I know some things won't wait...but lots will. Love the blog.