Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lucky Me

Really caught a break yesterday.  I try hard never to run out of staples so that I can make trips to town on my own schedule; however, certain items were getting critically low.  I'd meant to go the day before, but being a wuss, I didn't want to go in a downpour.  There's a local FB page where there are many postings regarding road closures, sinkholes, potholes, and flooded bridges.  Believe me, I checked that site before heading out the door.  While it wasn't sunny, it wasn't raining either, and I hoped my luck would hold for the trip.

The two critical roads I had to travel were both open.  There's a bumper sticker supposedly making the rounds up here:  "I'm not drunk, I'm avoiding potholes."  It makes me laugh, because I've said that before to any flatlander riding with me.  On my way out, I noted a big one in the eastbound lane and committed it to memory for the trip home.  Some of these holes are big enough to pop a tire or bust an axle.  Even with eyes on the road, I saw puddles of gold on the sides where clumps of daffodils were in bloom.  The prediction is for flood-stage rain for the next four days, but it's nice to see signs that spring will be here soon.

My cold continues to hang on.  I hoped that after two weeks of wracking cough, I wasn't contagious.  I sure wouldn't wish this on anyone.  I made quick trips through two stores without coughing once, so I don't think I was the local Typhoid Mary.

Made it home just as it started to drizzle.  It's always fun to make trip after trip from the truck to the house in the rain, but I'm not complaining.  Lucky me, it was dry the entire trip!

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