Monday, August 7, 2017

Heigh Ho!

Okay, I'm not Bashful, but on any given day I can be any of the remaining six from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937):  Happy (when there's a break in the weather or when my Kids come up), Grumpy (when it's hot), Sneezy (every morning, especially in pollen season), Dopey (any/every day), Doc (as needed if one of the critters gets hurt or sick), and most of all, Sleepy.  It used to drive Steve batty because I can fall asleep anywhere almost as soon as I close my eyes.  I sleep a lot during the day in summer as a way to escape from the heat.  I also sleep when it's not hot, just because I can.

I got caught yesterday when Cam came up to use her laptop because her Internet connection is on the fritz at her house.  I got her set up on the deck and then went back in to watch NASCAR and give her some privacy.  It doesn't take long hearing the ebb and flow of engines and watching cars go round and round to put a person to sleep; it's very hypnotic.  I never heard her leave.

I've not seen the big dogs in the vineyard again.  That makes me Happy.  What I've been hearing lately are foxes.  Their yipping is entirely different from the coyotes, but they're definitely busy hunting as I've never heard before.  The wildlife population changes as more and more people move in.  There are so few deer now, when they used to travel in herds.  I do miss them, even though they decimated my gardens, or what I hoped would become my gardens.

Something is wrong with one of the Rhodies.  She seems to be fine during the day, but for the past few evenings at sundown she can't walk well and sits hunkered down in the yard when the others go into the coop.  I pick her up, give her a cuddle and kind words, and put her in for the night.  I wish I could be Doc, but simply don't know enough about chickens to help her.

Having slept in this morning, instead of the 4:30 a.m. wake-ups of the past week, I'm running late.  Heigh ho, heigh ho!

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