Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Who Are You?

I look in the mirror and ask, "Who are you, and what have you done with the Farview Farm lady?"  I certainly don't recognize this woman who has become a cleaning fanatic in my house.  It's gotten to the point that I'll hand pick a single bit of cat fluff or broken leaf from the carpet, use the carpet sweeper if there are just a few, and pull out the vacuum if Bess has brought in half her weight in burrs, instead of thinking, "I've got to get around to that one of these days."  The round room is just about finished.  Moving somewhat slower yesterday because of the heat which continues to climb, I still managed to actually take storage items out to the shed instead of just shifting them around in the room and get most of the little pig curio pieces washed and replaced.  Cam is going to take the two scratching posts used by Victor back in the day and Frank and Pearl after him.  Ralph and Celeste came to me as older kittens and I was never able to train them to use the posts.  Camille works with rescue groups and said they would certainly take them (one man's trash is another man's treasure).  I'll have to admit that I was so impressed with the results so far that I turned on the light in the round room last night before bedtime just to admire my handiwork.  Now, however, I walk through the dining room and think, "Ohmigosh, look at that!  Those shelves need attention."  Will this never end?

I live with a spray bottle in hand, squirting face and neck throughout the day as a way to stay alive when it's this hot.  Topping off the goat trough, I use the hose to wet my entire head, resulting in a rather unique hairdo, but I could care less.  In the afternoon when the deck was in shade, Bess and I went out to water the gasping plants, clean and refill her pool, and soak us both under the mist.

Down in urban areas, a neighbor might ask to borrow a cup of sugar.  Cam called the other day and asked if I had a come-along, a tool used to pull fencing, as well as other things.  Not only did I have one, I knew right where it was.  Surprise, surprise, I also knew where to find the tile cutter that Deb and Craig needed, and the branch saw Beau used to trim the front hedge.  It's a different world up here.

Today will be an off day as I'll be going down to meet a new oncologist for a follow up, my other doctor having moved to the Bay Area.  Oh well, the truck and office have A/C, and I can use the rest.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Wow, I'm VERY impressed. I have been working on my file drawers and have tossed LOTS, but now I have to organize all that that remains and my dining table is piled high! Hope I get some of your inspiration and motivation.