Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Road Trip

It was one of those rare times when every stop light between here and Cameron Park (five, maybe six) was green yesterday.  I'd allowed for an hour on the road and that was cut by fifteen minutes, so I was early and Doctor was running late.  No worries, I'd brought a book and the office was cool.

I really like this new Doc even though she is recommending another medication.  I'll look into it, but withheld a decision.  The last med recommended traded recurrence of breast cancer with the possible side effect of endometrial cancer and I declined the offer.  During the course of conversation, she asked if I saw my children often and I told her that I don't plan on seeing them much during summer due to my lack of air conditioning and not wanting to submit them to that torture, but that we are in close contact.  The look on her face!  "You don't have air conditioning?!  I thought everyone had air conditioning."  Of course I had to throw in that I had only a wood stove for heat, just for the shock value.  She said it sounded like where she came from in India, and that her grandmum had only a well for water.  Naturally I said that I, also, was on a well, but didn't have to haul water up by rope, and it was only a problem when the electricity was out.  You'd have thought I'd sprouted a second head.  "I would die.  I would just die!," she said.

Not wanting to waste the trip, I made a stop for supplies on the way home.  I'd felt so bad having to leave Bess in the house for so long in the heat.  Poor little girl was panting like crazy when I got back.  It being trash day, she got so excited when I gathered up my offering to the garbage gods.  "Road trip!"  It's not a long way to go, but I cranked up the A/C and left the engine running while I hauled the trash can across the road from Cam's and picked up my mail, and her breathing was much better by the time she got her treat back at the house.  I also took her out on the deck and misted her wet down to the skin.  The cats find dark hidy-holes and sleep on the really hot days, and yesterday was really hot.

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