Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Day At the Races

(Sounds like an old  Marx Brothers movie, doesn't it?)  Everything came to a screeching halt yesterday when I was reminded it was the running of the Kentucky Derby.  Some furious texting went on as several of us in the family declared our picks before the Run For the Roses.  Eight hours of television culminating in a less-than-two-minute race.  I love horse racing even more than NASCAR.  Watching those magnificent animal athletes brings me nearly to tears every time.  Then, too, there is the gambling aspect and I enjoy that also.  My imaginary bets made me some loose change throughout the day, but I lost the bundle on the Derby.  My horse, It's My Lucky Day, came in fourth, out of the running, and I never saw Orb coming.  I really thought Revolutionary with Calvin Borel aboard would win on that sloppy track.  I held the good thought for Gary Stevens on Oxbow; making a comeback at age 50 and after leaving racing for seven years is gutsy.  It's hard not to be pleased for Shug McGaughey, Orb's trainer, and his first Derby win in 34 years.  The pouring-down rain didn't dampen any spirits at Churchill Downs; I think the mint juleps helped.  Hats were as outrageous as ever, the big ones acting as umbrellas.

This is going to be "the lost weekend" as NASCAR runs today.  I'll have to watch that with one eye, as I have company coming for a Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight.

The horses will run again in the Preakness, second leg of the Triple Crown at Pimlico, Maryland.  Don't call me on the 18th unless you want to talk racing!


Linda Cox said...

I wish someone had reminded me about the race. Orb is the prototype name of the Revel Body.

Kathryn said...

Heard about the race, forgot about the race, remembered the race, forgot to watch the race...knew none of the players...thanks for the play-by-play!