Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Resisting temptation is not one of my virtues, but I did not pull one single weed yesterday even though the urge was strong.  NASCAR ran a 600-mile race that took fore-v-e-r.

Whoever is in charge of changing the clocks backwards and forwards also appears to be in charge of the calendar, moving holidays around at will and at random.  Those of us who have difficulty knowing which end is up would like a little consistency here.  Memorial Day used to be on May 31, regardless of the day of the week; I could count on it.  (Back in the day, that was also the date granted by fashion to wear white shoes for the summer.)  By pulling some magical switcheroo, today, May 27, is Memorial Day this year.  (Get out your white shoes, ladies!)  The concert in Washington, D.C., last night included a wonderful tribute to Charles Durning, a WWII vet and active supporter of veterans who is now buried in Arlington Cemetary, as well as to all servicemen and women.  Gary Sinise was one of the hosts.  Mr. Sinise is a co-creator of the Lt. Dan Band and I can't praise him enough for what he and this group of musicians do without Hollywood fanfare in support of our troops abroad and at home.  There are many televised oral histories from veterans of past wars this weekend, supplemented with documentary film; well worth watching.  Regardless of how much time has passed, their memories still cause these heroes to weep and a hard-to-swallow lump in my throat.  Particularly painful was the derision and scorn experienced by those returning home from Vietnam.  That war was not created by those who fought and they'd already been through hell.  It's been said that old men make war and send young men fight them.  I heard a statement yesterday that war commissions in all countries should consist of mothers with young children; there would be no wars.  We protect our young.

Nature seems as confused as I; rain is predicted for today.  Normally I would fly the flag with respect from the pole on the deck, but it is not appropriate to do so in the rain.  A silent salute to the fallen will have to suffice.  God bless them all.

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Kathryn said...

Oh that was so beautifully said. I'm sorry I missed Gary Sinese's program - I have known that he was quite patriotic and I admire the stance he has chosen - one that is often not popular in his workplace. I, too, don't like the fact that they moved Memorial Day, as a dear dear friend celebrates her birthday that day, and if I tell someone that her birthday is on Memorial Day, that doesn't work anymore. And alas, I have no white shoes - oh well!