Sunday, May 12, 2013


More of the same with the nieces; talk, laugh, nap (both Michelle and I flaked out on Lori), eat.  New technology isn't always a blessing, as Lori had her laptop and had to work out a project that took most of the day.  Vacations used to be a chance to get away and leave the everyday world behind; now phones and computers drag that world along wherever one goes.

The biggest tom turkey paraded around the house all day long, gobbling loudly and spreading his tail and fluffing his feathers.  He circled through the yards, around and around, showing off for my guests.  I'm sure he was looking for some willing turkey girls, but the nieces got a kick out of him too.

It seems that once the door into summer opened, it opened with a bang.  It's just darned hot.  It's time to stop rushing around in the heat and relax, and that's what I plan on doing tomorrow.  Today will be a whirlwind day, as the nieces, unfortunately, have to leave about the time the rest of the family arrives, and then the USC crew will be here a little after noon.  It's going to be a great day, but perhaps not relaxing..


Linda Cox said...

Enjoy the kids and Kids. Happy Mother's Day.

Kathryn said...

I say ditto to what Linda says. And I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall for the interview, as I doubt it will come to our local cinema or cable station! Have a grand day!