Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back To the Norm

Looking out the window at first light this morning, there were a couple of Peeping Thomasinas looking back at me.  Unabashed at being caught, the does continued grazing on the greenery and reaching up to munch on peach tree leaves long after the coffee was made and I was back to the computer.

"Normal" is such a relative term and can have so many interpretations.  Such as it is, after the flurry of activity and comings and goings of the weekend, Farview is back to normal.  It was comfortable to slip into my slow-paced routine, the morning walkabout, milking without pushing for time, watching an old movie (the 1936 version of "Showboat" with Irene Dunne and Paul Robeson) during my cool-down period after barn chores.  How nice it was to receive so many calls and cards from family and friends (it was my birthday); call-waiting sometimes had them in a holding pattern!

The lawn tractor was returned, complete with new carburetor.  Joe is going to come back sometime this week to install an in-line gas shut-off valve that will allow me to burn off the gas in the carburetor after use.  The big tractor has one and I know it protects it protects the equipment.

The weather was good and I'd planned on getting started on the mowing, but it was getting late and I still needed to go to the feed store.  I'd also planned on baking a birthday pie (more preferable to me than cake), but received an invitation to dinner at a neighbor's.  The mowing could wait for another day and I wasn't about to turn down a dinner out.

It was a good day, and thanks to all who made it one.

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Kathryn said...

So glad that you were showered with cards, calls, and a dinner out - you deserve it! And how great that your birthday falls in spring, as the weather is potentially not-too-hot and not-too-cold...sounds like a fairy tale we all know! Hope that weather is just perfect to take your healthy tractor out for a spin!