Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Way To Start the Day

My day began with a real eye opener.  Neither a Bloody Mary nor a startling revelation, but a jump start, just the same.  Before heading down to the goat barn, I thought I'd take care of one little chore first.  The air filter on the little tractor needed cleaning and since it was sitting out in front of the water hose, I could rinse it off and let it dry while I tended to the girls.  The hose reel is on the feed barn wall just over the spigot, and the hose has a pistol-grip sprayer attached.  I opened the faucet all the way and then yelped and danced as I got caught with a blast of cold water right in the midsection.  I'd left the sprayer facing out instead of down and it was cocked and fully loaded.  Sitting in dripping wet bibbies while milking goats is not my idea of fun, but I was definitely awake.

Later on, a trip to town took precedence over mowing.  Getting into the truck, I found I couldn't see out the windshield because of all the sticky green pollen from the oaks.  Nothing for it but to drive over to the dreaded hose reel and rinse the truck.  I most certainly had the sprayer in hand before turning on the faucet this time.  I keep an eye out for all wildlife, watching the skies and the fields, and never have I seen seen the flying elephants that left droppings on my vehicle.  No bird could possibly leave plops the size that I rinsed off yesterday.  Where did those elephants come from and when did they learn to fly?  (Dumbo comes to mind.)

Regardless of the wet beginning and the trip to town notwithstanding, it was a good day.


Kathryn said...

Glad your eye-opening surprise did not "dampen" your day!!

Chris said...

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