Sunday, May 19, 2013

Animal Antics

The other day Camille and Honey stopped by.  Honey bounded in the door and went immediately to the dog biscuit box; that's our routine now.  Sometimes she helps herself, but this time waited politely for a treat and of course Bessie got one too.  Camille and I went to sit outside, accompanied by our girls.  When I moved up here, I'd brought a lot of plants from the old house and in amongst them were some ornamental strawberries, tasteless but pretty.  They're full of little red berries right now.  For some reason (and who knows what dogs think), Honey went around plucking off berries and spitting them out on the deck.  She never tried to eat one, but she obviously didn't like them on the plant.

I keep spare buckets, pieces of rope, and some tools down in the barn; never know what I'll need and it's too far to run back to the house.  The last day it rained, I'd left the sheltered "play yard" open for the girls.  A bucket was hanging on the wall and they managed to get it down and drag it out into the pen.  I'd seen it there, but left it out as they obviously were playing with it. 
While bringing sheets off the clothesline yesterday, I saw what I thought was Ruth carrying the bucket, followed by the others through the pen.  As they came closer, I realized that Ruthie had somehow gotten her head through the bail and was stuck with that unwieldy thing around her neck.  I don't know if the herd was laughing at her or trying to help the poor girl.  Guess it shows what kind of person I am because I ran to get the camera first and then went to Ruthie's rescue.

He (she?) isn't doing anything particularly  amusing, but this is one of the tiny toads in the Taj.  He had a larger companion who disappeared down the tunnel before I took the photo.

Gary Stevens took the lead on Oxbow at the running of the Preakness yesterday and ruined Orb's chance at trying for the Triple Crown.  My Lucky Day (my bet) came in second.  The Belmont Stakes will run on June 8.

Horsepower of another sort won Jimmie Johnson a million dollars in the All-Star NASCAR race.

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Kathryn said...

Poor Ruthie...but it did make for a great photo op for you and entertainment for us. Of COURSE you should have gotten the camera first - she obviously hadn't "kicked-the-bucket" - she was only wearing it! And what was Honey thinking? Guess she's not color blind. Maybe she thought you had left the "Christmas Ornamentals" on the strawberry plants too long.