Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Different View

This is a new view from Farview.  Ralph (aka Mr. Patty Paws) is potty paddling, his favorite pastime.  Celeste sometimes supervises, but is disinclined to soak her feet.  (And that's enough alliteration for today.)

It wasn't raining here when I left for town yesterday, but, boy, did I get caught in it on the road.  The sky opened up and dumped buckets.  Even with the wipers on high, it was hard to see ahead at times.  All destination stops were done in record time, including buying another pair of shoes; same style, right size.  This time I went right to the men's department.  It is discriminatory that men's shoes are more sturdily constructed than women's.  The reason I had to buy shoes at all is because the soles kept flapping loose.  The women's barn shoes I've been buying are every bit as ugly as the men's, but the soles on the male variety are sewn on, not glued.  Go figure.  Now I'll have a pair I can wear in summer without double socks.  (And they were on sale!)

It rained on the way to town, while I was in town, and all the way home.  I put a lot of soggy critters to bed last evening and it was still raining.  While watching TV about 7:30, suddenly there were tornado warnings for the northern valley.  That's twice in the last week I've seen the alerts.  Somehow I thought tornadoes only occurred in the daytime.  How terrifying it must be when they strike after dark.  I know southern California was hit with an earthquake a day or two ago.  What's going on?

The sky is clearing this morning and company is coming for lunch.  It's going to be a good day, even if the toilet seat is wet.

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Kathryn said...

I wonder if Ralph ever fell his younger, smaller days!! Stay dry and have a good lunch! (Glad you found sturdier shoes!!)