Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moving Right Along

It isn't just the goats who have mating on their mind.  The tom turkeys strut slowly, parading in front of the hens and showing their feathery finery.  They are the original fan dancers.  One thought leads to another and of course that one brought me to Sally Rand, probably the most famous fan dancer of the 1930s and '40s.  I believe I've mentioned that my mother had a fascination with burlesque and the strippers who worked in the "burlycues."  Those were the days when stripping was a specialized art and the girls wore (and, by law, had to wear) pasties and g-strings.  It was as much about the tease as the strip, and one of the best at that was Gypsy Rose Lee.  I never got to see Sally or Gypsy, but did watch Lili St. Cyr perform in Las Vegas.  Too young then to even go into a casino, I stood unnoticed behind the doorway to the darkened theater to see Lili's bathtub-and-bubble routine.  I got parked outside a lot of places when my parents went inside.  At any rate, fifteen or twenty turkeys with their tails fanned out, turning gracefully and taking measured steps brought back memories for me.  I could almost hear the boom-ta-ta-boom of the music.

The turkeys are much more subtle than the goats.  One or more of the girls go around with their tongue stuck out and that sex-stupid look on their face.  It's almost embarrassing.  TG stopped by the other morning while I was in the pen and I saw his look when one of the girls was trying to help out another.  Hey, it happens.

Today is going to be a great day.  I won't say just what is going to happen.  That's my tease.  All will be revealed tomorrow.

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Kathryn said...

Your "Blocked No More" Blog was a treat...Sally, Gypsy, Vegas, Toms...and all.