Friday, March 28, 2014

Over The Hump

Morning Mouse starts my day with a smile as he waits calmly for his elevator ride out of the feed barrel.  No frantic zinging in circles, he steps into the bucket (the No. 10 bus) and gets out at his stop.  It just tickles me.

I think we're over the hump as far as the cats are concerned.  Both Ralph and Celeste were very much in evidence yesterday, all over the house.  I'd been using the quiet carpet sweeper so as not to scare them, but it was time to get out the vacuum cleaner for a better job.  They not only did not run away, Ralph the Brave actually charged the noisy machine.  He also discovered that the window sill in the kitchen is a good bird-watching post.  The lilacs just outside are full of dinky birds.  The sink full of water is an added bonus.  Celeste chose one of Bessie's toys from the basket and carried it like a kitten up and down the hall.

The goat pens are green, green, green (well fertilized) and the grass is ankle high.  Grazing on this lush feed has a huge impact on the milk.  The girls have stepped up production and the milk is so rich it's almost yellow with cream.  The chickens are laying more eggs now, too.  There's nothing like custard made with fresh eggs and creamy milk, eaten warm.

The recent flurry of housecleaning came just in time.  Friends dropped in to purchase eggs in the afternoon and Clay called to say he was coming up today.  Here I am, all spiffed and dusted and ready for company.

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Kathryn said...

Your whole blog made me grin! I love that Morning Mouse is so trusting, and that Ralph and Celeste are now part of the gang. Enjoy your Clean Cottage, Custard, and Company!!