Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Light As Air

The weight of the world is off my shoulders:  all tax stuff finished and put in the mail to my tax guy.  For me, I'm ahead of schedule.  I keep fairly organized records and file a straightforward return, so it's not a difficult task, but I loathe it just the same.  I put it off as long as possible and then get loaded down with guilt because I know I've added to an already burdened CPA and his crew.  One would think I'd do it early just to have this "light as air" feeling when it's done.  Every year I swear it will be different.  It never is.

Celeste and Ralph, out of the bat cave in the light of day.  Woohoo!  Not only that, but last night both cats came out into the living room.  Celeste voluntarily sat in my lap for a bit and both cats inspected the premises, right there in front of Bessie Anne.  Then the thunder rolled and the rain came down and, zoot!, it was back to the bat cave.  The storm was brief but pretty fierce when it hit.

What is it about boy cats and potties?  Any girl cats I've ever had paid no attention to the toilet, but boy cats seem fascinated.  Victor was obsessed, Frank had definite interest, and Ralph paddles every chance he gets.  Whoever said cats don't like water only knew female felines.  Sitting down on wet, cold paw prints is not pleasant.  Did I hear someone say to put the lid down?  As I've mentioned before, I learned on 9/11 that leaving the lid up would give animals water in case of a disaster until they could be rescued.  Ah well.  I can forgive that little redhead anything.


Kathryn said...

CONTRATS on the taxes. Somehow I manage to put it off until March too, but that is still a nice amount ahead of the deadline. And I would say that you and the 4-legged gang are making wonderful progress!!

Linda Cox said...

Clearly you weren't referring to the cats in your blog title. They're BIG.