Friday, March 21, 2014

What'cha Doing?

All plans for the day went right out the window when I got a text on my way back from the barn.  "Hi, Mom!  What'cha doing?"  Since my hands were full of milk buckets and it's no safer to walk and text than drive while texting, I didn't answer until I was back in the house.  It was a neat surprise when Dave invited me to lunch at Bones (where else?) with him and a buddy who were going for a ride on the first day of spring.  Anthony had been promoted from Hang-around to Prospect.  I had time to get cleaned up and pin my Freed Spirit patches on a fresh pair of bibbies.  I got a chuckle at the thought of a grandma "flying the colors."  I'm so glad the guys have found a destination site close to me; it gives me a chance to spend a little extra time with Dave.

Celeste and Ralph made great strides in bravery yesterday.  They came creeping down the hall, knowing Bess and I were in the living room; the first time I've seen them come out of the bedroom on their own in daylight.  Ralph sat enthralled at the screen door watching birds while Celeste made a tour of the room, giving Bess a wide berth.  Good girl that she is, Bessie pretended not to see either cat.  They didn't stay long before running back to the bat cave, but it was a good start.

As for bedtime, they've taken over.  Celeste firmly ensconced herself with her head on my arm, cuddled against my side.  Ralph stretched out on my pillow, leaving me a tiny corner.  A combined twenty pounds of cat is immovable.  Whatever makes 'em happy.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Oh it sounds like a GOOD DAY indeed. And kudos to Bessie for being such a gracious lady.