Saturday, March 1, 2014


Rain in the morning, then a dry spell with sunshine, followed by a lot more rain.  Moving a bit slower than usual, it seemed a good day to stay inside, keep the fire going, and clear off some of the DVRd programs I'd been saving.  Bess Anne was up for that, and evidently Tree Guy felt the same way at his house.  He did not come to get the branches off the barn roof during the dry part of the day.  "Tomorrow" does not mean the same thing to everyone, I guess.  Maybe today is the "tomorrow" he meant.

One thing about having company, there are leftovers!  I'd been nibbling away at an asparagus and onion quiche, and yesterday had helpings of a cauliflower gratin, both of which had improved with their stay in the fridge.  I do love to cook, but cooking for one isn't nearly as much fun.  The really big pots and pans I used (and needed) when my family was home have been retired to the shed.  There is enough fresh salsa to get me through today, but tomorrow I'll have to cook something new.

Satomi has recovered from her hurt leg and I could probably introduce her back to her little flock.  However, it seems unkind to put her outside while it is still so wet.  A bit longer in the infirmary won't hurt either of us.  Maybe tomorrow.

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Kathryn said...

You and Scarlet O'Hara and (Little Orphan) Annie! May the healing and the eating and the relaxation continue...except for Tree Guy!