Sunday, March 23, 2014

Breakfast Brigade

The things I do.  This one photo tells it all.  Grain down for their breakfast, broomstick in the wipes bucket so they can get out, and milk squirted for a quick slurp.  These are just a few of the mousies who rushed out yesterday morning.  I like the one who used the rake like a staircase to join the breakfast brigade.

I put the midnight plan into action and will admit to an evil giggle as I dumped stinky cat litter into the squirrel burrow.  I actually get a kick out of the busy little critters, but they are so darned destructive.  I try to adopt a "live and let live" attitude, but the holes and mounds all over the property are a pain to contend with, especially during mowing season (which will begin very soon).

Rain is predicted for later this week, but it was a perfect day to do laundry and hang clothes outside.  With the urge to "go green," we should see clotheslines going up all over California.  It's a great use of solar power, and it's free!

Back in the house, it was a nice surprise to get a call from Cousin Mark.  He was attending a NASCAR race and had the opportunity to meet Clint Bowyer (my driver/hero).  Mark said Clint was just as nice as I might have hoped, greeting Mark with a big country-boy grin.  It was special that Mark took the time to call and tell me about it before the race began.

Ralph is going stir-crazy and is ready to make a break for it.  He still goes humpty-back when he sees Bessie Anne, but he came into the living room last night and into the kitchen this morning, testing the waters with short forays.  That's real gutsy, in my opinion.  Bess whines because she wants him back in the bat cave, but doesn't make a move toward him.  I reward her with "good girl" and sometimes a cookie.  Celeste is still cautious, only coming out when I'm in the bathroom and onto the bed at night.  All the furries seem to agree that the bed is neutral territory.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I think that is so funny that Ralph and Celeste can lie so close to Bessie at night, and yet, during the day, when she does not chase them, they are the proverbial Scaredy Cats! But you are getting there.