Monday, March 31, 2014

Has Anyone Seen A Dogwood?

The day started out sunny and warm; didn't need a jacket down in the barn.  Wished I'd had a camera with me to get a shot of that gorgeous blue sky and residual puffy clouds.  Poppy and the girls spread out in the pens to graze as soon as they'd finished their "chores."  The hill was looking pretty darned good when my friends arrived for lunch.  A loaf of bread was just coming out of the oven (do I know how to make points or not?!).  What with one thing and another, several years had slipped by since we'd gotten together.  I had so enjoyed Sherry and Larry's company in the past, and it was no different yesterday.  Bessie was excited to meet Bonnie, their Aussie/border collie mix, and graciously shared her food bowl, her milk bowl, a couple of "cookies," and watched while Bonnie nosed through her toy bin.  Ralph and Celeste are just getting comfortable around Bessie Anne and I didn't know what Bonnie's reaction to cats would be, so I shut the bedroom door again.  A long, leisurely afternoon with friends is a lovely way to spend a day.  The temperature started dropping and I lit the wood stove.  By the time we said goodbye, it was plain cold outside and the wind had picked up.

In the evening, it rained again and then hail pounded down, quickly covering the deck.  Forecasters predicted rain today and, believe it or not, snow down to 2,500 feet tomorrow.  That means we could get some white stuff here.  I've looked for dogwood trees in bloom on every trip to town, but haven't seen one.  The warm weather lately had me thinking I'd missed their brief flowering period and there would be no more snow warnings.  It appears I was wrong.

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Kathryn said...

Mother Nature doesn't want you rest on your laurels, and yes, time spent with old friends AND their dog, is wonderful indeed!