Saturday, March 29, 2014

When It's Great

It's not only good, it's great when one of the Kids comes up for the day, and yesterday it was Clay's smiling face at the door.  Knowing that I'd received club patches from the Freed Spirits, he brought me a fine, regulation leather vest.  This Club Momma will be stylin' when I hang out with Bam Bam and the other dudes (even the thought of it makes me laugh).  With the changeable weather we've been having, Clay helped bring a couple of wagonloads of wood up to the porch.  That was timely, as it is wet, dark, and windy this morning.  One-on-one time with the Kids is so special and Clay is good company.

He asked about the cats and, like magic, Ralph appeared.  Ralph was drawn to Clay like a magnet and was all over him like they were long-lost buddies.  I fear Celeste is going to be like Tulu, a cat we had for many years long ago.  There were guests who came often who never knew we had a cat, she made herself so scarce when company was in the house.

I've been getting in a menu rut lately.  I like to cook and Clay likes to eat, so I extended my repertoire to chicken piccata and mushroom risotto for dinner, with warm custard for dessert.  I've been working on getting risotto just right for some time now and, if I do say so myself, last night it was great!  Clay went home with a full tummy.

Computer problems have plagued me lately.  I spent over an hour on the phone with a tech the day before, and ran into a different situation yesterday when trying to send attachments.  After Clay left, I contacted tech support again.  The nice man tried everything he knew, spoke with the next techs up the chain, but nothing they did could solve the problem.  It was sent up the line to the engineers, who may be able to identify and fix.  "We'll get back to you."  Great.

Working with the tech took a long time and the furries gave up on me as it got later and later.  Bess snored with her head on my feet under the desk.  Celeste and Ralph napped and cuddled to keep warm.  When I finally climbed in bed, all three glommed on like I was the lifeboat and they were sinking.

It was a great day.


Kathryn said...

What a great gift Clay brought! Sweet! You will be the best-dressed Club Momma at Bones!

Linda Cox said...

Beautiful picture of Celeste and Ralph