Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fits and Starts

We started out with one step forward, two steps back, but we're moving toward two steps forward, one step back.  I may have created a situation by shutting doors to protect the cats.  Bess seems to have gotten the impression that I mean the kitties to stay in the bedroom forever.  She does fine with them in the bathroom or bedroom; they're free to move at will.  However, let one head down the hall and she is after them like a shot.  She scared Ralph silly yesterday.  Thankfully, "Leave it!" is a command Bess understands and obeys.

Celeste is going to be the go-between, the ground breaker, the envoy.  She shows up now whenever I'm in the bathroom (I gave up privacy a long time ago), obviously needing some people contact.  Ralph keeps a low profile in the cave, but yesterday she coaxed him to join us.  Bess was fine with both of them until Ralph ventured out into the hall.  I didn't see him for the rest of the day.  Celeste was there again as I readied for bed.  Okay, we might as well take this to the next level.  Bessie Anne was already in her place for the night so, holding Celeste, we sat down next to her.  Bess stayed calm, Celeste stayed calm (Ralph was under the bed).  I got into bed and Celeste settled at my side as if this had always been our routine.  Bess sighed, seemed resigned, and went to sleep.  I know, because she snores.

Ralph needed to work out cramps after being stuck in the cave all day and was ready to play after lights out.  Having done her job, Celeste joined him in a rousing game of tag throughout the house since the night watchman was off duty.  This morning I discovered they'd pulled all the towels out of the front bathroom cubby; I'll bet that was fun.  They also pulled toilet paper rolls from storage in my bathroom.  Just now I heard a huge thump from the laundry room as they leaped up on the washing machine (did I mention these are heavy cats?).  Bess is at my feet and it is still dark, so the kitties are still on the loose.  I'm not getting much sleep lately.

Fully recovered, Satomi went back to the Taj after dark last night.  One less critter in Animal House.

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Kathryn said...

Well I had worried that they were too old to be playful...guess I got that wrong. I bet you are within a week from being one big happy family!! Keep at'll make it.