Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where To Begin?

So many good things happened yesterday, I could hardly stop smiling.  From jacket, gloves, and hat, the weather changed to shirtsleeves.  The barn routine went smoothly for a change.  Zip-zip and everyone was in, out, and done so I could get spiffed up (clean bibbies) to meet my luncheon companions at Bones.  Any day a gal gets to hang out with six good-looking dudes is a good day.  Son Larry was already there; more about him later.  Son Dave (Bam Bam), Jester, Bird, Nimrod, and Jeff, all members of the Freed Spirits MC, rumbled up on their Harleys.
Club patches are taken very seriously and not handed out freely.  I know this, and so when Dave presented me with the one and only Club Momma patch, I was honored.  He explained to me that the club had voted me "in" and the patch was created especially for me. The boys (yes, they are all grown men, but they're boys to me) have given me nothing but respect, generosity, and kindness, and they all call me Mom.  I'm very privileged.

Laughter mingled with the hamburgers and time passed too quickly.  The guys were on a day ride, and they were burning daylight.  Larry and I waved goodbye as the Harleys roared off, and then turned to conclude our business.

I'd put my search for kittens on hold while so many other things were happening, but Larry, on his own, had been looking.  He had found two, a boy and girl, and had brought them with him.  He'd fallen in love with their photos and confessed after meeting the duo he considered keeping them for himself.  The kittens, less than a year old, were loose in his truck.  Had I known, I would have brought along a carrier.  Prying the cats from hidey holes under seats and behind tools was an ordeal.  I barely got a look at them while making the transfer, and they promptly made themselves scarce in my truck.  Larry had business to attend and the cats and I were on our own.  There were a few tense moments on the drive home when boy cat thought that under the gas pedal would be a good place to hide.  A scared, loose cat is not a good thing in a moving truck.  Home safe at last, I got the kittens into the house and into the bathroom where I'd put food, water, and a litter box.  An introduction to Bessie Anne would have to wait; these little ones had been traumatized enough.  Photos are also put on hold as the cats immediately found safe haven in the towel cubbies and behind the potted plants.  Going back periodically to sit quietly and pet whatever I could reach, I did get the girl to purr and boy to come out briefly.  Animals will tell you their names when they're ready.  Boy said his name is Ralph, but girl is still keeping a secret.

Man, it was a good day!  (And I haven't said one word about the time change.)


Kathryn said...

Aw...a double whammy good day! Two sons, lots of other "sons," an extra special patch, and two new kitties. Life sounds grand at Farview, and hopefully the joy will ease you into this shortened day - or night - whenever you chose to lop off your hour!! I hope Ralph and "whatshername" become accustomed to your look, accustomed to your voice...accustomed to your face!

Linda Cox said...

Looking forward to the pictures!

SeeDDrun said...

Larry gave me the link to your blog so that I can keep up with the fur babies. I'm so glad they have a wonderful place to live! Ralph, formerly called Orange Kitty, is a little lover-boy and will literally HUG you, and Grey Kitty is is sweet little, mellow, girl who also loves to cuddle. She's actually the most tolerant, yet skittish, of the two. I hope you enjoy loving them as much as I did and thank you (and Larry) for keeping me in touch.