Thursday, February 18, 2016

False Alarm

"Sound the alarm first and ask questions later."  That's a goat's first rule for survival.  One hellacious wind was blowing yesterday and the girls were on edge.  Inga darted into the milking room without delay, but Sheila, on a leash, balked when it was her turn.  I'd no more than put her up on the stand when the herd started sounding off snorting the danger signal like crazy and all heads pointed in one direction.  Of course I looked to see what had them so upset.  With dogs on the loose and the possibility of predatory wildlife, it doesn't pay to ignore a warning.  Following their line of vision, it turned out to be a large white plastic bag that had blown up against the far fence in the big pen.  False alarm, but they weren't convinced.  Poor Sheila did not believe my reassurances and fear literally scared the poop out of her.  (Yes, I did sweep away the raisinettes before sitting down to milk.)  The girls continued to stare and snort until the wind blew the bag up and away, probably into the next county.  That plastic sack could not be trusted.

The wind blew at what seemed like gale force most of the day with sporadic rain.  The full force of the storm held off until dark and then hit like Thor's hammer.  Safe inside with a lap full of furry friends, we were happily watching "saved" segments of Downton Abbey when the power went out about 8:15.  Once again I was so grateful for the nightlights that automatically convert to battery when there is no electricity.  It makes all the difference, not being plunged into total darkness.  I made the obligatory call to PG&E and then sat there.  Hmmm.  There's just not a lot to do when the power goes out at night, so I gathered my tribe and we went to bed.

Early to bed and early to rise.  Blinking numbers on the clock this morning so power had been restored, but no idea of the time.  Once awake, I can't just lie there so went to make coffee and find the cellphone.  Aarrgh.  Not much past 3.  The wind still howls and it's pouring down rain.  I can only hope all trees are standing.

It's going to be one of those days.

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