Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pretty As A Picture

How can I start my day with anything but a smile when greeted by this handsome fellow?  Cricket was again waiting when I drove up Cam's drive and we went through the same routine, me paying the price of an apple chunk to get back in the truck.

Three days ago, there wasn't a blossom or bloom on the property.  As if by magic on Valentine's Day, just in time to show off for Deb and Craig, spring sprang!  These are the first tiny Baby Blue Eyes to appear.
Blossoms popped out on previously bare branches on the almond tree.  This was taken in the morning.  By afternoon, there was double this amount, lacy and lovely.
As I was walking down the slope to get a better shot of the almond tree, I noted a couple of turkeys scratching in the dirt and a lot of activity between their feet.  Hmmm.  Going closer, I saw this ground squirrel intent on digging a hole.  This is not an enlarged photo; he let me get this close  Squirrel was not intimidated and was definitely intent on his work.  I'm the one who backed off.  The look on his face told me that was the better option.
This is just one of many bouquets of daffodils that showed up in my yard.  I don't know what says spring better than the bright yellow daffys.  It's still amazing to me how the bulbs have migrated over the years from where they were planted to where they are now.
Any pictorial of Farview Farm would not be complete without a sundown.

It was a good day.


Emmy Abrahams said...

And the forsythia is almost out.....( actually branches I cut to force in house are filled with yellow flowers) A yearly delight!

The Tote Trove said...

Signs of spring always mean celebration! Beautiful photographs; the daffodils are my favorite.