Sunday, February 21, 2016

Give Me A Break

Bess and I took our after-barn morning break on the deck, sitting in the sunshine and noting the very first forsythia blossom and the tulip plants that had popped up overnight.  Later, I was trying to prioritize the To-Do list when I realized it was bill-paying day.  Aaargh.  Nothing for it but to fire up the computer and get it over with.  Since that blew my incentive to do housework out of the water (never my favorite thing to do on any given day), it seemed a good time to reconcile a couple of months of bank statements (okay, since November; time flies when you're having fun).  Tax prep is on the horizon, after all, and I'd need updated information.  Since credit cards are strictly for emergencies and I carry very little cash, almost all of my purchases are made by check.  It's a tedious but necessary chore to enter them into the computer accounting system.  I was approaching the finish line when the phone rang.  Yay!  Saved by the bell.  Cam said she was on her way over to visit.  Any excuse to put off an onerous task is a good one.  (After the debacle of the day before, I quickly ran a brush through my hair.)

Although the sun has been shining the last few days, it hasn't come close to warm.  I'm used to a chilly house, but didn't realize how cold it was until Cam suggested we sit on the porch because "it might be warmer."  Accordingly, we went outside to talk and Honey led Bessie on a merry chase around the property.  Honey is much younger and it wasn't long before Bess was dragging behind, especially on the uphill.  I could, as they say, feel her pain.  Both dogs finally plopped at our feet and Cam and I talked until time to put our critters to bed.  It was a lovely afternoon break.

Today is the start of NASCAR season and also Clay's birthday, both cause for celebration.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Sounds like a fun day indeed! I heard the Daytona 500 talked about on the radio several times and thought about you!