Wednesday, February 3, 2016


"Yesterday" (Beatles, 1965).  Finishing up the blog when I noticed snow falling and went to take this picture yesterday morning.  Had to go out the dining room door because the Christmas tree was still in front of the living room door.  Will it ever stop being an accent piece in the living room??  I was joined on the deck by four hummingbirds at the feeder.  Poor little things were just sitting there, probably trying to conserve energy.

An hour, hour-and-a-half later I moved The Tree out of the way and this is the view from the living room door.  It was a day-long struggle to keep the wood stove cranked up to speed.  All the snow was gone by noon, but it never got to 40 degrees outside and the house was cold.  Bessie Anne got her feelings hurt because the cats were on my lap and I told her no.  There's just such a difference between a 10- 12-pound cat and an almost 50-pound dog on my legs.  (Bess has big bones.)

Imagine my dismay after chores when I discovered the landline phone was dead.  For a communications company, AT&T leaves something to be desired.  It took three calls (on the cellphone), dutifully punching buttons as directed, and a full half-hour to finally talk to a real, live person.  "You are a real, live person, aren't you, Mike?"  Mike had no sense of humor whatsoever.  It seems you have to be calling from the number with the problem for the AT&T automated system to register the problem, which is a problem when that number is out of service, don't you see?  Mike informed me that the lines had been cut and the best he could promise was they would be repaired by Friday at 9 p.m.  Aarrgh.  Imagine my surprise when the house phone rang a half-hour later.  It was a wrong number, but I wasn't going to complain.  I then got three separate calls from different AT&T reps, informing me that the lines had been fixed.  When the one gentleman reported that number such-and-such was back in service, I couldn't help myself.  "Yes, dear, that's the number you dialed to reach me, even as we speak."

As such days go, it went.

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