Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heads Up

"Super-size me!"  Fifteen or twenty toms fluffed up to twice their size and strutting their stuff are a pretty impressive sight, but it's harder than one would think to get a picture.  These big showoffs seem to be camera shy.  Like a balloon deflating, by the time I'm ready they've flattened their feathers and just look "normal."  I so wanted this boy to turn toward me in the sunlight as this shot doesn't do justice to the brilliant bronze and turquoise colors on his back.  As the poof goes down, the blue head returns to grey and the bright red wattles shrink and fade.  They really are quick-change artists.

Go-To Guy learned his lesson.  He called yesterday to give me a heads up and say he and his missus were on their way over.  I guess he didn't want a repeat show of my haphazard coiffure at the door.  Nor did I.  GT had already poured the concrete footing and was bringing up the well-pump housing he'd built for protection.  It needs painting, and that's my job.  I've got some ideas, but am still mulling it over before I tackle the project.  (Procrastination at its best.)

Every job GT does involves a tax on his fee in the form of a cold beer when he's done.  Mrs. GT has a root beer, and we all enjoy a good conversation.  When I get the housing painted, they'll be back for the installation.  I look forward to their company (and the heads-up call).

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Kathryn Williams said...

That's amazing about the turkey, as I had no idea that the colors became vibrant and then faded! And beer for tax sounds like a program I could support!