Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family Meeting

I called the meeting to order.  Bessie Anne, Ralph, and Celeste gathered around to hear The Word According To Mom regarding sleeping arrangements.  It's possible that I only had their attention because of the treats I was handing out, but, hey, they serve donuts and drinks at board meetings, don't they?  Whatever it takes, sez I.  Using my most serious tones, I explained to the group that this swaddling of the mom in blankets at night had to stop, and stop right now.  I'm sure they nodded in agreement before they lost interest and began wandering off.  Ralph said he had business to attend to, Celeste caught sight of a squirrel in the front yard, and Bess fell asleep.  Having said my piece, I felt better, and crossed my fingers.

Maybe it was the growly voice, but something clicked and last night the critters took their assigned spots on the bed.  I'd like to say I got a good night's sleep, but....  I kept waking up to see if I were trapped and, finding freedom, I kept turning like a rotisserie chicken and poking a foot out from the blankets again and again, just because I could.  It was pure joy, but not very restful.

No words are necessary.

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