Sunday, February 14, 2016


It seems I have the attention span of a gnat.  Anyone who has seen the animated movie "Up" knows that saying "Squirrel" could distract an attacking pack of dogs (I particularly loved the dog with the bad overbite and lisp).  It was important yesterday to get a lot done, so important that I put the to-do list up on the white board instead of the usual scrap of paper so it couldn't be ignored.  I started on a chore and noticed that the hummingbird feeders were empty.  (Thquirrel!)  While filling the feeders, I was tickled by long dry fronds of winter-dead licorice mint.  (Thquirrel!)  It was imperative that I clean out a few flower pots right then.  Back in the house.  Now what was I doing?  Forgetting the original chore, I got the vacuum cleaner from the closet.  Bess Anne needed to go outside.  (Thquirrel!)  It was such a beautiful day, I joined her for awhile.  There were two slices of pizza left in the fridge calling my name.  Bess agreed we should have lunch just to get the box out of the refrigerator.  It wouldn't take long to vacuum later, so we took a break.  During the break, Jacques Pepin's Heart & Soul show came on.  I never miss an episode of his.  (Thquirrel!)

And that's the way the entire day went, one distraction after another.  I got a grand total of one crossed off the list (vacuuming the house).  I guess some progress is better than none.

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