Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's All Relative

There are certainly issues of concern out there in the big world today:  global warming, terrorism, presidential elections, California drought, to name but a few.  Here at Farview, we are not immune to tragedy, but on a much smaller, more personal scale.  There was no need to call out CSI yesterday to tell me there had been a murder, even though there was no body.  This pitiful little pile of fluff and fur by the goat pen told the tale.  I'm guessing either a bunny or a squirrel didn't make it home and an owl or possibly a coyote had breakfasted well.  Living as closely with a variety of animals and fowl as I do, I wonder how sentient these creatures are.  Is there a family waiting in a burrow, worried about the one who will never return?  Do they grieve?  Certainly not an event to make headlines but, all things being relative, definitely a tragedy to those involved, the victim not the least.

I will be caring for Camille's critters for a few days and went down yesterday to get an update on their schedules:  who gets what, when, and where every morning (another gal has evening chores).  Dry food, canned food, treats and water for the cats.  Seeded, chunked-up apples (one-half each) for the donkeys.  Senior pellets for Cricket, hay pellets for Shadow, and a split flake of alfalfa between the two.  Scratch and mash for the chickens.  Honey will be staying with friends, and the alpacas are no longer in residence.  My animals would feel absolutely neglected if I told them about the special treatment Cam's kids get, so I won't tell them.  It's all relative.

Speaking of relatives, today is my son Dave's birthday, and tomorrow my daughter and son from another mother are coming up.  That's the best kind of relativity.


The Tote Trove said...

CSI or not, I know just how you feel. I hate to think about squirrels and bunnies not making their way home.

By the way, I found your blog recently and think that it's very charming.

Bo said...

Thanks, and welcome, Tote!