Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's A Cat's Life

Cats have a tendency to take themselves very seriously.  "I meant to do that."  Every day, Ralph and/or Celeste do something that totally cracks me up, and they have no idea why I'm laughing.  Yesterday these two were looking out the front door as they so often do, when I realized Ralph was sitting on Celeste and she seemed to think it was the most natural thing in the world.  ???  I've mostly had single cats, one at a time:  Smokey, Tooloo, Annie, and Victor.  Only after we moved to Farview and Victor died at age 18 did I adopt a pair, brother and sister Frank and Pearl.  Watching them interact for years made me decide to take both Ralph and Celeste when they were offered, and it was one of the best decisions ever.  They sleep together snuggled up on the bed for naps, sometimes in spoon formation, and I find that so endearing.  Ralph ambushes his sister on a regular basis, leaping out at her from the stairwell or from behind corners and instigating a wrestling match or a chase.  Celeste will take his foolishness just so long before she takes him down, smacks him a good one, bites his neck (gently), and pins him to the floor.  I'm not in danger of becoming that crazy cat lady with a horde, but I do find that two cats are more fun than one.

With rain predicted today, I pulled the leaf blower out of retirement yesterday afternoon to rid the deck of the accumulated piles and drifts from winter.  There had been no sense doing it until the trees were completely bare; I don't believe in wasted effort.  I knew Linda was going to stop by, but I did not see her car drive up nor, with the sound of the blower and my concentration on getting the job done, did I see her standing nearby.  I almost wish I could have seen myself jump-start when I looked up.  I'm sure it was classic.  Fortunately, I am not a screamer and I did not throw the leaf blower at her.  It did take a minute for my heart to start beating again.  We had a nice visit.

Strong winds came up in the night and are really howling this morning.  After days of gorgeous weather, we're back in it again with heavily overcast skies.  The blossoming almond tree was a bit premature, I fear.  There will be no looking out the open door for the cats today.

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The Tote Trove said...

Very cute! Who says cats are loners?