Friday, June 2, 2017

Getting There

It was as if this peony had waited for the proper (weed-free) setting before stepping on stage.  It certainly hadn't been open the day before.  This is one of the singles; most of the others are the big, showy doubles.  I like the unusual center display.

It was a go-to-town day, like it or not.  Walmart in P'ville is no longer a one-stop shop as they have eliminated the fresh-food section.  I wonder what corporate dunderhead thought that would be a good idea.  It certainly will add miles and time now if I need an onion or a bag of salad.  Sigh.

There was still time when I got home to put John Dear into action.  We mowed the back and front yards.  What a difference one day makes.  While the ground had been soft and damp after that short rain, yesterday the dust billowed and rolled around us in dirty clouds.  Note to self:  shut the front door before mowing.  There are still the side yards and the west field to work on and a ton of hand weeding to do, but slowly, slowly, we're getting there.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Your peony is beautiful...and I would bet the dunderhead is in some corporate office in a not-so-rural-area thinking that residents had lots of other places for groceries...which they do in urban settings...and they probably figured that P'ville was fairly big...not taking into account the little burgs that need to be serviced!