Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Random Thoughts

I wait with anticipation each year for the Asian lilies to bloom.  There were a number of buds this year, but this is the only flower I've seen.  It seems that Raider Robert, that blankety-blank ground squirrel, has been on a search-and-destroy mission.  I don't think I'd mind quite so much if he actually ate the buds, but he just tears them from the plants. and sometimes pulls the plant out of the pot.  Drat.

Ralph came by as I was having a sit-down after barn chores.  Surprised, he immediately took the opportunity to fill an empty lap.  For the first time ever I heard a real cat purr instead of his usual raspy snork.  Could it be this little boy is growing up?

"Come on, Mom!  Let's you and me go outside."  So, of course, I followed Bess out to the deck for a little cloud watching.  It didn't rain all day, but the clouds remained threatening with that possibility, and it was positively cold.  Listening to the quiet, I realized that all those noisy baby birds in the oak to the left must have fledged.  No more of their raucous calling for more food.  Sitting there with frigid fingers, it was hard to believe a 30-degree spike in the temperature is due by the weekend.  I am not, repeat not, looking forward to heat close to 100.

Waldo either fell, was pushed or thrown down the stairwell.  Poor Waldo.

Hard to believe, but I've got a one-year follow-up appointment with my surgeon today.  While in town, I think I'll buy another coffee maker.  The old one seems to have recovered from whatever its problem was, but it might be wise to have another waiting in the wings, just in case.  I have priorities.

Hot days are meant just for sweating, cool days are work days, and cold days require a couple of lap cats.  Yesterday was cold.  There were only ragged remnants of the earlier clouds left at sundown.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Heard there was snow in Tahoe. Weird June, although we have had 2 sunny days in a row! A bit cool, but nicely sunny!