Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great And Small

I find as I grow older that my world is shrinking.  Having once traveled to most of the U.S. states, including Hawaii and Alaska, and to eleven countries in Europe, now a trip to Cameron Park is a big deal.  My circle of friends is smaller.  Once upon a time I was president of a police wives organization of over 500 women, now I count my friends on both hands (but to steal a line from Spencer Tracy, "...not much there, but what there is is 'cherce'").  This is all as it should be because I'm not sure I'd have the energy to cope with more.

James Herriot wrote some lovely books, including "All Creatures Great And Small."  I like that idea of inclusion, the point being is that I've learned to appreciate the small things in life, and small triumphs become great things in a limited environment.  Yesterday was filled with little joys, starting with the fact that the girls were not fighting when let out of the barn.  Spot put in an appearance at the breakfast buffet in the milking room.  It's nice to see a familiar face.  Celeste made me laugh when she came down the hall, miaowing like mad, and brought the piglet into the living room to toss and pounce and finally sit and protect.

It was another cool day, that alone was cause to rejoice.  It won't last as it's due to go up into the 90s by end of next week.  Aarrgh!

I fell into Facebook hell on my iPhone when I pushed the wrong button or swiped the wrong way and found I couldn't get out or go forward...just plain stuck.  I wish I knew how I did it, but eventually came unstuck by hitting the right combination of whatever.  That was a major triumph!

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, doing chores, etc., when they're noted and not putting them off as I've been doing.  Things like watering the house plants might not seem like much, but I'm tired of carrying the self-imposed load of guilt when they're not done.  My greatest success was that I dusted without incentive or provocation.  No company was expected and there was hardly enough to write your name in.  I just did it.  Ta da!

Another spectacular sunset was a fitting end to a good day.

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