Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Normal Is A Relative Term

As much as possible, things are back to normal here...depending on your definition of normal.  There's always a bit of letdown when company leaves, so not much got done after Sandy drove off.  I was happy to get texts as she hit each critical landmark and then know she'd gotten to her granddaughter's home in Chico safely.

Like it or not, yesterday was take-the-trash-to-the-big-road day.  Driving is not a problem, it's getting in and out of the truck that makes this doggone rib scream.  I gathered up this week's contribution and was just ready to go out the door when I saw a deer in the driveway.  That was reason enough to put the bags down and wait her out.  From where she was standing, I knew she was headed over to the wild-thing water pot.  Even though much cooler (again, that's a relative term), I wouldn't have wanted to deprive an animal of a drink.  Finally, I loaded up Bess and the trash, leaped with the grace of a pregnant hippo into the truck, turned on the a/c, and off we went.  I don't know which of us likes the air conditioning better; it sure felt good.

Beau had said he would cut up the tree that fell in winter for half of the firewood.  That's a win-win for us both.  I called him yesterday and told him to sharpen his chainsaw and told him of the branch that had fallen this week.  That thing fell onto the pasture fence and took out a good portion.  Another disaster.  Sigh.  Helper Dude is coming today to take care of a number of chores for me.  I need a full time handyman.

All in all, it was a good day.

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