Monday, June 5, 2017

Strange Bedfellow

There is something about putting fresh sheets on a bed that drive cats, Ralph in particular, bonkers.  The battle begins as soon as the bottom sheet is billowed open.  He runs under it and begins rolling.  There have been times I've tucked in all four corners with him squished in the middle before he oozes out from under like toothpaste.  Then, oh joy, comes the top sheet.  He darts about on the bed, pouncing on every wrinkle.  It's a real struggle to smooth and tuck with this nutter playing games.

Sheets finally in place, there is still the blanket.  Goody, goody!  Ralph brrrp-brrrps as he grabs at each blanket roll.  Celeste was off in another room or I'd have had two cats to contend with.  Who knew that changing the sheets could be such a circus and source of amusement.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I sure didn't!!! Haha