Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wound Down

Another hot day and my activity springs came uncoiled.  A load of laundry washed and hung was the big accomplishment of the day.  After writing of all my mother did I am shamed, but not enough to do anything about it.  There are still two yards to mow.  I was waiting until closer to sundown when the breeze usually kicks up and would make it more bearable, but just as I was going out received a rather lengthy phone call and missed that opportunity.  Oh well.

Bess Anne is going through another needy phase.  Her opinion seems to be, "If you're just going to sit there, you should be holding me."  She's not a big dog, but she has a stocky build (she says she's got heavy bones) and weighs nearly fifty pounds.  It's a bit of a struggle to get her up onto my lap, but I can't look long into those puppy-dog eyes and so we get it done.  When it's hot, thankfully the cats head for cooler places to nap.  Let's face it, Bessie Anne on my lap is a good excuse not to do anything.  Heaven knows I wouldn't want to disturb the dog.

I'm hoping the weatherman proves trustworthy.  He said, with a straight face, that we're due for a twenty-degree cool down tomorrow so there's a possibility my springs might get wound up again.

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Kathryn Williams said...

My phone weather says that your high should be 78 today (76 now at 10:45), and that tomorrow you dip to the low 60s. Here's hoping those springs get lubricated!