Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Potato

Helper Dude came rattle-banging up the drive on his quad yesterday morning, hauling a trailer with the tools I'd told him he'd need just as I was heading out to tend to the critters.  There were really four things that needed doing:  dirt had piled up behind the fence into the goat pen and it was getting harder and harder to open and close, the water trough needed emptying and cleaning, the barn had settled over the years and several of the hardware latches needed to be realigned, and the tall weeds on the sharp slope on the edge of the front yard needed to be cut down.  HD doesn't need much supervision, so I only suggested the order in which these jobs might be tackled, e.g., if he dug out the gate first while I was milking, the goats wouldn't have the chance to get out.  I went on down to deal with the girls and HD set to work.  He had thrown a fairly good-sized branch from the front oak over the fence and the girls were thrilled.  Leaves for them are like potato chips and are a great treat and kept them from pestering Helper Dude while he finished up with the water trough.  I'll say this for the young man, he doesn't dawdle and had everything done in a little more than an hour.  Man, I wish I could move that fast.

Shortly after HD left, Beau drove up on his 'Gator, another type of quad.  That seems to be a favored mode of transportation up here; Cam also uses one and hers has a platform of sorts so Honey can ride behind.  Beau had come to assess what needs to be done about that huge downed branch.  It's not going to be easy.  He stayed to chat for awhile and then tootled off.

It's been heating up again and I didn't want to do a lot of cooking for dinner.  Potato salad sound easy and good for a summer meal.  I laughed as I boiled one potato, cut a  tablespoon or so of onion, and made a dab of dressing.  For the family, I use probably five pounds of potatoes, and for a reception, had used twenty.  One potato in the pot looked ridiculous, but was just enough and it turned out well.

A lot got done thanks to HD, and it was a good day.  (Piglet now sleeps on the bed.)

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