Thursday, June 1, 2017

Weed Be Gone!

A soft rain began just after sunup yesterday and lasted about an hour.  It had stopped by feeding time, but left the air feeling fresh and clean and settled the dust on the ground.  I could go for that kind of rain on a regular basis.  There was a high overcast, and it was perfect weather to get a start on weeding the herb garden.  The dirt was softened and made pulling weeds so easy.  When the sun broke through, it was as if Nature had turned up the temp on the oven and it was time to quit.  I'll pay for it today, but I did get the entire peony area cleared.  There are enough weeds left to constitute a full-time job, but it was a good start.

It wasn't just the peony bed that looks good now.  Helper Dude came with his weed whacker and cleared all the areas that I can't get to with John Dear.  John still hasn't had any exercise as the yards and field were too wet.  Like dusting, it's never ending, but we got a lot done and it shows.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Kudos for your weeding and HD's weed whacking. I bet it looks lovely!