Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Under The Influence

Yesterday was proof positive that my activities and mood are definitely influenced by weather.  Cool and breezy, it was a great day to get numerous small chores done and spend time on the deck with Bess.  I'd planned on gassing up John Dear and tackling a yard or two in the late afternoon, but Cam had been up our road and stopped by and offered to take my trash down to the big road on her way down.  I wouldn't turn down a deal like that.  Of course she stayed to chat.  We're planning to go to the Highland Games in Plymouth soon.

It isn't just the turkeys that come running when I throw down birdseed in the morning.  Now a ground squirrel races up, too.  Squirrels have always joined the chickens in the pen; now they don't bother to leave when I go in again.  I just get dirty looks as they continue to fill their cheeks.  The squirrel who currently visits the milking room is definitely not Persistent Percy.  This fellow pokes his head up to check out the food supply, but a loud "No!" is enough to send him away.  I'm being overrun with these furry pests.

I hope this weather lasts a few more days.  There's plenty more to do here.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh i SO agree - I'm almost paralyzed if it is gray and gloomy or drizzly! I'm a SUNSHINE GIRL!