Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dead Or Alive

Why is it, I wonder, that when one battery dies, so many die at the same time?  Are they like lemmings that reportedly follow one over a cliff to their doom?  It's fortunate that I keep a lot of batteries of all sizes on hand because I'm in the middle of a fatal battery epidemic right now.  The other day I had to replace four AAA batteries in a remote control for the living room TV, and yesterday the wireless mouse for the computer stopped working.  Yup, dead battery.  It only needed one AA to revive.  Note to self:  restock AAAs.

With goats, there is no such thing as a day off so the long weekend has little significance other than it is for Memorial Day, a deeply meaningful holiday.  Pete works from home so days off do not mean a change of venue for him, either.  We've been planning to get together at some time.  I want to try out a recipe on him, hoping to find a green vegetable he'll actually like.  Win some, lose some.  When the Kids were little, because I really, really like eggplant, I tried recipe after recipe in an attempt to find one they'd enjoy.  Epic fail.  But I digress.  Pete is coming up today for savory Russian Pie made with cabbage.  Then he invited me to his home on Monday for steak.  He listed a number of reasons why I should come down, ending with, "You've got to leave the farm sometime, Mom!"  Me:  "You had me when you said steak."

It barely got out of the 50s yesterday.  Heavenly weather.  Makes one glad to be alive.

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