Sunday, May 28, 2017

One Of Those

Yesterday was one of those days.  It's bad enough when you do something silly or make a mistake, but it's that much worse when you have to admit it.  I'd gone to the store the day before specifically to get ingredients for the Russian Pie, depending on my Teflon mind to remember the recipe (mistake number one).  I had to call Pete in the morning to ask if he'd stop and get mushrooms on his way up.  He asked if I needed anything else.  "Oh no," I answered blithely (mistake number two).  Pete drinks a lot of coffee with creamer.  I thought I had plenty of creamer.  I did not, but didn't check until it was too late to call him again.  Dang!

Mistake number three was the biggie.  Bessie Anne had her vet appointment so she could get her rabies vaccination in order to have her county dog license renewed.  They gave me the filled-out form to mail in as proof and taped the new tag to that paper.  I was told I could make a copy and send that in.  Later, in a rush to meet the deadline, I made the copy, addressed and stamped the envelope, and got it down to the mailbox.  In between prep work for the pie and cleaning up the house yesterday, I decided to put the tag on Bessie's collar.  I found the copy, just the copy.  It was embarrassing to call Animal Services and admit I had mailed them the new tag and could they please send it back.  At least the gal got her chuckle for the day.

After a morning of blunders, the day got better from then on.  The weather was great, Pete gave the Russian Pie his approval, and it was grand to spend the afternoon with my son.  Due to distance, his visits in the past have been brief and far between.

Shortly after Pete left, Cam stopped by.  (She's coming tonight for leftovers.)

Rough start notwithstanding, it was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Glad the day ended well...and believe me...we ALL understand blunders, as there is not one of us reading who is blunder-free!