Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flying Colors

Bessie Anne came through her exam yesterday like a champ.  She was very brave and didn't hide under the chair in the waiting room as she used to.  There were times in the past when I had to slide her across the floor to the scale; she simply wouldn't get to her feet.  She wasn't thrilled about having her weight taken (I never am, either), but she complied and we were both happy that she'd lost a pound!  I appreciated that the vet tech who took Bess's temperature apologized first.  It's a rude procedure from someone who'd never been introduced.  Dr. Ric has been Bessie's doctor since she was a puppy and he's not above saying she's one of his favorites.  Being a yearly exam, several shots and a blood test were required, not fun in anyone's book, but Bess remained stoic.  Bessie is, to say the least, an unusual looking dog with excellent manners, friendly to all but not forward.  She makes a hit with anyone who meets her.  The usual question is, "What breed is she?"  My answer is, "Pick one, you'll be right."

I try never to go to town for just one reason and try to take care of as many errands as possible on a grand sweep.  I had one unavoidable in-and-out stop to make, otherwise I would never leave a dog in the car even on a cool day as yesterday turned out to be.  I don't know which of us was more glad to get home.

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