Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lost And Found

Fortunately, Go-To Guy had not gone fishing.  Saturday or not, he was already working at another job in the area when I called and said he'd swing by when he finished.  He arrived while I was milking out Tessie and went right to work.  Turns out my loss of water was due to a break in the line.  I hate to think what next month's electric bill will be as the pump had kept running all night long.  I don't know what kind of magic he used to locate the break, but Go-To and his son Trevor had to dig down a good three feet and there it was.  As these things go, of course Go-To needed some parts he didn't have.  Not to worry.  After the usual search down in the shop (it took me five years of hunting before I found where he kept the nails), we found Steve's stash of PVC fittings and believe it or not they were exactly the size GT needed.  There are times when my husband's hoarding habits come in handy.  Given that yesterday was one of the hottest so far, I was glad for the guys' sake that the break happened under the shade of a big oak.

Being without water is scary.  My biggest worry always is for the animals.  I can go without a shower and make do with bottled water, but the chickens drink about two gallons a day, the goats guzzle it down, and the hummers are up to two quarts of juice now.  I was so grateful that GT could fit me in and that the problem was solved so quickly.

Later, I had to make a quick run to the grocery store, and it was a quick run because that huge sinkhole had finally been repaired and the road was open.  I'd promised to make an apple pie for the ladies who are coming tomorrow; hard to do when you have no apples.  I also needed a cabbage for a recipe I have in mind and I had a hankering for liverwurst.  I got the apples and a lot of other supplies, but forgot the cabbage and liverwurst.  If someone finds a wandering mind, please return to owner.

As if the day hadn't had enough excitement, I settled in to watch the Preakness.  Let's just say that Always Dreaming had his head in the clouds and came in a disappointing fourth.  Sigh.

Cam came by later, a nice finish to the afternoon.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh man, now I feel guilty about the pie...but I KNOW it will be fantastic!! We should have said, "Pie is wonderful - whatever kind for which you already have the ingredients on hand!"